My latest -- a deep dive into the Gulf Stream, a story about something that could affect weather from Charleston to London

Off South Carolina, the ocean suddenly changes color, from green to deep blue. You’re in the Gulf Stream now, in warm and salty water from the tropics, with swordfish, tuna and squid, in a current so strong that it lowers our sea level.

Benjamin Franklin would learn about this current’s force. He was a Colonial postmaster before the American Revolution, and he’d noticed British mail ships were slow, much slower than other merchant ships. Why?

He mentioned this to his cousin, Timothy Folger, a ship captain who’d hunted whales off New England. Ah, yes, that current off the East Coast, Folger told Franklin. Any fishermen worth their nets cut in and out to make better time — the whalers had even warned the mail ships to steer clear. But the Brits “were too wise to be counseled by American fishermen.”

A map might help, and so they made a chart of this “Gulf Stream” from Florida toward Europe. It was one of the first maps to document its tremendous reach.

Map or no map, the Bri…

The Rise and Fall of Piggly Wiggly

Here's my latest story ... about the rise and fall of a Southern icon -- Piggly Wiggly Carolina 
Here's a quick intro video to the story

Introducing my new book: A Surgeon in the Village

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Chasing Carbon

Chasing Carbon is the name of our latest climate change story, and perhaps the most ground-breaking. One of the reasons that it's so hard to wrap your mind around global warming is that we can't really see the causes - carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. But we obtained what's essentially a one-of-a-kind camera that allows us to see CO2.
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Lowcountry on the Edge: How small changes in the Lowcountry's shifting waters mask massive changes in the earth's climate

Our project, Every Other Breath: Plankton and the hidden stories of climate change is now on Amazon in an ebook format. Just 99 cents!

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Every Other Breath: The hidden stories of climate change