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Our project, Every Other Breath: Plankton and the hidden stories of climate change is now on Amazon in an ebook format. Just 99 cents!

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Every Other Breath: The hidden stories of climate change

Every Other Breath Plankton produce half of the oxygen on Earth and suck out massive amounts of carbon dioxide. But from South Carolina to the open ocean, scientists are seeing dramatic changes in these mysterious creatures. Life on Earth literally began with them, and they could very well determine the climate’s fate. Oh, and they’re beautiful. Chapter 1 An urgent mystery It’s early in World War II, and America’s fate is tied to the sea. In the Atlantic, Nazi U-boats pick off convoy ships, threatening the lifeline to Europe. In the Pacific, Japanese subs prowl the depths, testing a fleet battered at Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, American war planners know little about this new underwater battlefield. Mastering its terrain could prove decisive. In a secret report, the leader of a hastily assembled group of scientists called Division 6 writes about an urgent need to understand the ocean “for service in a national emergency.”
New sonar instruments would be the tool. You could ping t…