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Storm of Money: Hurricanes and Insurance

Storm Of Money: Hurricanes, Insurance, And The Secret Black Boxes That Set Our Rates
June 05, 2012
By TONY BARTELME The Post and Courier

Some things are certain: As the earth spins, air moves swiftly around the equator, creating the trade winds.
It's also certain that storms will form because the sun shines bright where these trades blow, turning sea water into sky-high clouds of steam that inevitably collapse, a process announced by torrents of rain and thunder.
And we know for sure from history and physics that a few of these air masses will spin counterclockwise, slowly at first, then faster and with enough momentum to flatten cities, alter destinies, and if hooked into some fantastic electric grid, pack enough energy to light every bulb on earth.
Beyond these certainties, hurricanes challenge us with their unknowns. They are so infinitely changeable that it may be mathematically impossible to predict their exact paths more than a few weeks in advance. Because we can't predict …