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My Obamacare story

I just read a NY Times story about how anti-Obamacare forces are gathering horror stories to try to shoot down the Affordable Care Act. This is how the act affected me:

Because I'm taking a sabbatical to write a book, I had to get my own health insurance. I went to Blue Cross/Blue Shield out of habit and because the company has insured me for 25-plus years. I applied for a pre-Obamacare plan so I could get off my expensive COBRA coverage.

A few days later, I received a letter from Blue Cross advising me that they would not cover me now and in the future because of pre-existing conditions. These included a running injury and some trips to a chiropractor (BC identified my condition as a pelvic dysfunction!) Please see story in The Onion below to see how I felt.

So I went onto the site last night, applied for coverage that's $400 a month less than my current coverage under COBRA. I get a small subsidy because, well, I'm a journalist and we don't m…